Hemianopsia (loss of half of the width of your field of vision) is one of the most common side effects of a stroke or traumatic brain injury. It can leave a person disoriented, and struggling just to make it through their day. People can find themselves afraid to go out, concerned about their safety.

If you’re suffering from side vision loss, or care for someone who has side vision loss, please call Dr. Rummel at 732-279-3268 for a free telephone consultation. He can answer your questions and determine if you're a candidate for improved side vision with Side Vision Awareness Glasses.


Read what some patients are saying:

“The Side Vision Awareness Glasses bring the objects toward the left into my vision. Most noteworthy has been spotting hanging traffic lights installed on the left hand side of the street, bringing them into full view. Walking in rural or urban areas I am more aware of my surroundings and can better avoid bumping or tripping. On the lighter side when sitting in the passenger seat of the car, I am able to see the speedometer and monitor my husband’s speed.”

“The use of Side Vision Awareness Glasses has been very helpful when shopping, helping me to avoid items left by clerks on the floor. They also help me maneuver through obstacle courses of items such as carts or floor displays. Also while walking in the neighborhood, I can more easily watch for cars before crossing the street.”

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The following is a video from a colleague, showing several Side Vision Awareness Glasses™ fittings, and the happy reactions of the patients involved.

Click here for a list of eye doctors specially trained, skilled, and equipped to treat side vision loss (hemianopsia) related to stroke and/or other neurological/brain diseases.